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More than 60 music genres

Users sharing their experience
Game changer
Artist picture
Game changer

I was skeptical at first but this AI lyrics generator is a tool just like every other one that helps us create. I always alter the generated material to make it my own. It's important to remain proud of what you create.*

Nicki B
Ghost writer
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Ghost writer

Jarvis provides unlimited inspiration. As a non-native english speaker, this makes writing so much easier. If you use this right, you can even improve it. Of course, talent is still necessary, but it's definitely helpful!*

Leonard Dylan
Cheat code
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Cheat code

This tool is dope! I use it like a sampler. I chop the best lines and it speeds up my workflow. It’s like you have an army of collaborators writing with you in the studio. It can really help with writer's block.*

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